The aim of the Family Focus Tutor Training programme is to provide community workers with an evidence-based drug education programme designed to support parents. Evidence suggests the provision of information on substance use to parents reduces the risk of substance use amongst adolescents and young people (NACD 2010).   CAD’s goal is to extend our reach to parents by training community workers to lead Family Focus programmes in their local communities.


The Family Focus Tutor Training model is aimed at training community workers to deliver our Family Focus Drug Prevention Programme.  Delivered by CAD Tutors, the Tutor Training programme is now a 3 day training programme consisting of up-to-date drug information, plan preparation, and strategy.

The Family Focus Tutor Training Programme adopts a health promotion perspective and updates trainees on current drug use and trends with a view to enabling them to become more informed and confident in their role as drug educators.  In addition to  course content, the programme focuses on developing key facilitation skills such as managing the group dynamic, encouraging group discussion and brain storming techniques.  A minimum requirement of certificate level in addiction studies or equivalent is recommended.


Through partnership with Local and Regional Drug Task Forces, CAD is committed to integrating its drug prevention education in line with existing provision of services and support for parents. In 2013, CAD was invited by North East Regional Drug Task Force (NERDTF) to train community workers and agency staff in its Family Focus drug prevention education programme. A pilot programme funded by the National Lottery took place in Cavan, Monaghan, Louth and Meath and a full evaluation was completed in January 2016.

Click to read Community Based Drug Education Evaluation Report 2016.

CAD has identified that the Tutor Training programme enables community workers to replicate the Family Focus Programme allowing for wider dissemination of the programme. This model of tutor education is vital to provide as many parents as possible with balanced information around substance use and misuse in order to reduce risks among children. More and more parents will be equipped with effective strategies and approaches to resolve drug-related harm in their communities and families.  This is especially important in regions where regular drug prevention education programmes are limited or inaccessible.